Shockoe Alliance

What is the Shockoe Alliance and how is the Sacred Ground Project working with it?

The Shockoe Bottom Small Area Master Plan will create the
planning guidelines for the area outlined in yellow in this
aerial view of Shockoe Bottom.
The creation of the Shockoe Alliance (SA), a loose coalition of agencies and organizations with current, upcoming or envisioned interest in Shockoe Bottom, is Mayor Levar Stoney's way of fulfilling one of the homework assignments from the February 2019 Rose Center Site Visit Team: to work from a "shared vision" for Shockoe Bottom development.

The SA has been in existence since August 2018, and has been meeting more or less monthly ever since. The Sacred Ground Project was invited to join the alliance in January 2019 and attended its first meeting in February.

The Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project agreed to be a part of the Shockoe Alliance to ensure that the Community Proposal for a Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park is factored into that vision.

The SA held its first public meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 6 pm at Main Street Station in Shockoe Bottom. Welcome remarks were given by Mayor Levar Stoney, Delegate Delores McQuinn and City Council President Cynthia Newbille. SA facilitator Sal Musarra then described the mission and vision of the SA, and oriented the attendees to the 15 display panels and surveys placed around the room. Yesterday, we learned the boards and the survey questions are now available on the city's Shockoe Bottom Small Area Master Plan web page. The SA has invited the public to review and respond online for two months. A second public meeting will be scheduled, most likely in late June or in July.

Note: The city's press release, web page and the SA website make it clear that the Pulse Corridor  Plan (TOD = Transit Oriented Development) is the backbone of the development guidelines for the city of Richmond, and that implementation of that zoning plan will next be implemented in Shockoe Bottom along Main Street. Please familiarize yourself with that plan.

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