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Shockoe Bottom: Let's get our community voices back in the picture!

Following the February 27 Unveiling of The Shockoe Project, we heard two responses.  "We Won! You must be so happy!"  and  "I don't know if I believe it. You know how Richmond is."  But the Memorial Park is happening. And we are in that exciting and challenging phase that involves maintaining the highest aspirations and navigating realities until we get to opening day!  So, what do we need to pay attention to now? We've written about the next steps and they are centered on the idea that at the heart of this project from the beginning was YOU! What does the Black community need from this project and how does it happen? We have ideas and we have shared them in The Virginia Defender newspaper and in public presentations since "The Shockoe Unveiling" on Feb. 27 ( see page 10 in the Winter 2023 issue of The Virginia Defender ). Public engagement meetings will be scheduled soon for various aspects of The Shockoe Project and we'd like your voices hea

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