Community Proposal for a Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park

During the March 2015 community brainstorming sessions, facilitated by Defenders' Sacred Ground Project and during follow-up individual meetings and emails and Facebook postspeople submitted ideas for the physical features they'd like to see and the experiences they wanted to have or share with others when visiting. This image contains just a few of those ideas: 

Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park at the corner of Crane & Broad streets becomes a front yard entrance for pedestrians to move from local amenities throughout the Bottom - a beautifully landscaped park of historic markers, public art monuments, interpretive places flowing continuously between distinctive yet integrated segments that represent the many aspects of the city's history over the last 300 years: African Burial Ground & Jewish Cemetery, Gabriel's Rebellion & Patrick Henry's Speech, First Freedom Center & Lumpkin's Jail Archaeology Site, "Shockoe Creek" & 17th Street Farmers Market, the James River ...

African Burial Ground - a place of honor, memory, of spiritual contemplation.
Histories include: Gabriel's Rebellion, Nan, the town gallows, and town
commons, Shockoe Creek, Council Hill ...

Click here to learn about our visit to Auschwitz Memorial Site and the Schindler Factory Museum and how it helped us connect the experience to Shockoe Bottom.

Lumpkin's Jail Archaeology Site - an interactive place of discovery and ongoing
learning. Histories include: Anthony Burns, Mary and Robert Lumpkin, USCT
Chaplain Garland White, Reverend Nathaniel Colver ...

"Shockoe Creek" - a beautiful flowing water feature that raises awareness of the
historic creek along which Richmond was founded in 1737.

Additional archaeological sites can be explored and when appropriate become
part of the park's features. 

 A starting point: beautiful, historical, educational, economical.

All renderings used in the August 2015 Community Proposal for Shockoe Bottom were created and graciously contributed by George Schroeder (c) 2015. 


  1. Beautiful! Great job and nicely represented. I hope your proposal is accepted.

  2. this is the very nice post. it's looking very great


  3. Amazing vision and so eco-friendly. This will help create resiliency markers and contribute to the health of the community.

  4. What a wonderful vision-- a powerfully democratic statement. Just what the Capitol of the former Confederacy needs most----an eloquent corrective to Monument Avenue and its overbearing statues of Confederate "heroes"