The source of the name "Grave Yard for Free People of Colour" and "For Slaves" is the 1835 Plan of the city of Richmond by Bates. It is not the name used originally. In fact it was only ever called by that name once in the records (on that 1835 map/plan specifically). It appears no where else by that name in the records. The original name by which it appears is on the 1816 Plan is the "Burying Ground for Free People of Colour" and the "Burying Ground for Negroes" (enslaved). Though the name it most often appears by is the "Shockoe Hill Burying Ground", of which it was a segregated part. The name we call it now comes from the 1853 Smith map of Henrico County on which it appears by two names. On the county portion of the map it appears under the "Shockoe Hill Burying Ground". On the separated city portion of the map it appears as the "African Burying Ground". The current name is a combination of those two names by which it appears on that 1853 map.

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