As Black History Month comes to a close...

Black History continues!

This photo is of a monument in Barbados to commemorate Emancipation Day using the image that the people of Barbados refer to as the man who led a major insurrection in 1816. Bussa was African-born, enslaved on this island colony of the UK on the Bayley plantation. As with Gabriel, not much is known about his life until the rebellion took place and like Gabriel and his friends and allies, he gave his life in the attempt to end slavery. While this effort was unsuccessful,the UK did finally abolish slavery in its colonies in 1834.  

Slideshow "The Significance of Shockoe Bottom and the Memorial Park Proposal, 1695-2015"

Handout "The Story of Gabriel"

On Sat. February 26, this program highlighted cemeteries from across the country. The Shockoe Hill African Burying Ground was featured via this video from The Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Two-part video series done for the American Civil War Museum - Discussion between Joseph Rogers and Ana Edwards: Richmond's Slave Trade, Part 1 and Part 2