A new news piece and a couple old good ones

Good morning -

On Saturday morning, October 20, 2018, historian and University of Richmond Jepson School of Leadership Studies Professor Lauranett Lee (above, left) placed flowers on the stones at the African Burial Ground before joining the father-son artists Jerome and Jeromyah Jones for a tour of their exhibition at Main Street Station's gallery. Both events marked the closing of the annual conference of the Virginia Africana Associates, which took place on October 19 & 20, 2018. The conference was held at historic Ebenezer Baptist Church (216 W Leigh Street Richmond,Virginia 23220).

I also thought I'd share this link to a 30-minute news program produced by students at VCU last week. https://youtu.be/Ok0s_UuX5Oo

And here, as a reminder of past good work, here a couple of good pieces about Shockoe Bottom you might have missed:

A 4 minute trailer for the 2009 documentary "Meet Me in the Bottom: The Struggle to Reclaim Richmond's African Burial Ground" https://vimeo.com/14947210

A 2011 feature called "Defiant Burial Ground Victory" on a website called Kontradictions.  https://kontradictions.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/defiant-burial-ground-victory/

Check them out.

And don't forget to let others know you support the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park proposal!