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Presentation of charette results

The 9 acre footprint of the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park.

Final Community Meeting

for the 
Community Design Charrette for a Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park

at the

Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia

Friday 6/3
5:30 - 7:00 pm

See the progress. Weigh in. 


Design charette media coverage:

June 3: Richmond Free Press - Malik Russell
June 3: NPR - Mallory Noe-Payne
June 1: Times-Dispatch - Ned Oliver
May 23: UMass Amherst News and Media Relations - Wesley Blixt

Shockoe Bottom. Our African Burial Ground. The Devil's Half Acre.  Gabriel and Nanny.  Anthony Burns.  Solomon Northup.  Garland White.  Mary Bowser.  Red-lining.  Vagrancy laws.  Oppression based on class and race, or just race, or just class.  Freedom. Sacrifice. Resistance.  Education.  Self-Emancipation. Who is telling the stories? Jubilee. Who are the stories for? You. Maggie Walker (Woman. Black. Banker. Organizer) and Arthur Ashe (anti-apartheid breakthrough tennis player and education activist). Now that we know, what's next? NINE ACRES. What else do we want? To undermine the underdevelopment of our neighborhoods. What else do we want? Respite. Stability for our elders soon to be our ancestors. Security for our children already our descendants. How much do we get? How much do we insist upon? Who sees the the height of the ceiling and then through it to the sky?  We. Do.


  1. I really want this park to be constructed as it will not enhance the beauty of the garden but also help in maintaining a healthier society all around the adjoining areas.