About the April 3 tour

"Waking Up Tomorrow" Tour was the pragmatic, historical context that the Sacred Ground Project sought to offer participants in our Shockoe Bottom tours on the 3rd and 4th of April, 2015, part of the Self Determination/The Future is Now programming, Richmond's Journey from the End of Slavery and Civil War to Today - the last of the Future of Richmond's Past 5 years of observances of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and Emancipation.

What was life like in Shockoe Valley district of the city of Richmond from the 1830s to the 1860s, and in the days leading up to the city's liberation from war-time Confederate rule, antebellum economic and social norms, the end of the Civil War and slavery. Our tour consisted of the temporary placement of 10 historic markers created to illustrate both the scale and normalcy of life in Richmond as a "slavery society." Later, a display of reproductions of maps of historic Richmond helped visitors understand where they were standing - on that day, April 3rd, in 1737, 1835, 1859, 1865, and 2015. Each tour concluded with a reading from April 12, 1865 "letter home" by USCT Chaplain Garland H. White, written after his time in Richmond, including riding in with the liberating colored troops to liberate Richmond from the confederacy

Smaller versions of the same markers and
Length: 0.5 mile / 0.8 kilometer
Duration: 1 h 15 min - 1 h 45 min (depending upon discussion)
April 3: 60 (4:00 pm)
April 4: 30 each (12:30 and 2:30 pm)
Total: 120 participants