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Philadelphia PA: Renovation of playground over cemetery is halted.

Newport RI: Couples' burial ground research details Black life in colonial Newport
http://www.providencejournal.com/features/lifestyle/content/20140223-couples-burial-ground-research-details-black-life-in-colonial-newport.ece NOTE: Sacred Ground chair met with Keith Stokes, whose family history runs through 19th century reconstruction-era Richmond, in 2005 for a tour of God's Little Acre. Stokes shed light on the differences in burial practices for this northern shipping town, Richmond's southern industrial city and rural plantations. The critical and unique difference is that God's Little Acre has colonial era carved headstones for the enslaved and free Blacks who lived and died in Newport. If you get to Newport RI you must visit. Their website is http://www.colonialcemetery.com/.

Richmond VA: Crystal ball gaze sees the resistance in Richmond