Remembering Slavery, Resistance & Freedom

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Resistance Presentation and Community Conversation

William Byrd Community House
224 S. Cherry St
Richmond, VA 23220
Ana Edwards (Manager of Library Programs and Byrd House Market) will present on three revolutionary African Americans: Gabriel, Mary Bowser, and Lucy Goode Brooks. Their lives and legacies tell the stories of ongoing and multifaceted modes of resistance against the institution and conditions of slavery; their acts of armed revolt, undercover espionage, educating, and protecting children are testaments to African and African American self liberation and self determination. 
An open dialogue will follow, facilitated by Dr. Michael Blakey. We encourage you to share what these stories mean to you, what aspects of resistance you would like to know more about, or to share a resistance story that you know.

2:30 PM - 6:00 PM: In the Beginning… Virginia, Along the Trail of Enslaved Africans

Beginning at Ancarrow’s Landing
Brander Street
Richmond, VA 23224
Elegba Folklore Society and host Omilade Janine Bell (Founder and Artistic Director of Elegba Folklore Society) will conduct a guided tour along the Trail of Enslaved Africans beginning at Ancarrow’s Landing at the Manchester Docks, ending at Lumpkin’s Jail and the Richmond African Burial Ground. Maps and directions to Ancarrow’s Landing will be provided. Buses will return participants to their cars at Ancarrow’s Landing. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring bottled water.

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM: Journey Through the Forest of Family Trees 

Ms. Maat Free (Guardian of Ancestral Remembrance and Founding Curator of The Beloved Unseen) will conclude the programming by presenting “Journey Through the Forest of Family Trees.”

Our hosting partners include William Byrd Community House, Elegba Folklore Society, and The Beloved Unseen.

Remembering Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom is a project of the College of William and Mary, the MLK Commission, and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Please visit our Facebook page: and our website:

This programming is made possible through the generous support of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

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