Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park

Links to Memorial Park documents:


Why endorse the Memorial Park? Click here to find out. 

Parcels concerned: E0000127005 - Lumpkin's Jail; E0000213006 - Burial Ground; 
E0000127020 - east of CSX tracks; E0000127016 - between Lumpkin's Jail and 
the CSX tracks; E0000159001 - east of tracks, part public, part private.


In 2014, the National Trust for Historic Resources listed Shockoe Bottom as one of its most endangered sites and as a National Treasure.  Learn more here

That same year, Preservation Virginia did the same thing. Click here for their 2014 Endangered Sites List Brochure.

Archive of documents leading to the present proposal:






Click here to learn about our visit to Auschwitz Memorial Site and the Schindler Factory Museum and how it helped us connect the experience to Shockoe Bottom.


  1. Beautiful! Great job and nicely represented. I hope your proposal is accepted.

  2. this is the very nice post. it's looking very great


  3. Amazing vision and so eco-friendly. This will help create resiliency markers and contribute to the health of the community.

  4. What a wonderful vision-- a powerfully democratic statement. Just what the Capitol of the former Confederacy needs most----an eloquent corrective to Monument Avenue and its overbearing statues of Confederate "heroes"

  5. This is awesome!! How far along are you in making this a reality? Are state officials and city officials fully supporting this?

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