COVID-19 Pandemic

Shelter in Place until June 10: Governor Northam announcement today extends the "stay at home" mandate through the spring.

Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Carry sanitizer. Stay home or away from group events. Check on family, friends or neighbors who live alone. Stock up on food and necessities, but not at the expense of your neighbors. (The only reason there is a TP shortage is because people have bought far more than they need now)

Check the CDC website for national updates on the pandemic. The Virginia Department of Health site includes the Richmond Department of Health updates.

Facing hunger or homelessness? Download Homeward's Street Sheet for the Richmond Region. Visit for Street Sheets for the surrounding counties.

Call 211 or visit for regional human services information.


What will the Train Shed contain?

Update: Main Street Station Train Shed Survey

Oh and also, has everyone filled out the main street train shed survey yet?

If not, here is the link

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