Christmas Day Dinner
25 December 2011 | @ The Conrad Center 1400 Oliver Hill Way Richmond, VA. Supervalu provides this holiday meal along with the support of Food Lion, Martins, Pepsi and Mimi's Whole Wheat (a Byrd House Market vendor). The meal will be served to the homeless and working poor from 9 am to 2 p.m that day wih buses picking up guests throughout the city starting at 8:30 a.m. Volunteers will help serve the dinner as well as help out in the gift room. Groups, churches, companies, individuals and others will provide gift bags filled with age and gender appropriate items for each guest that attends, and other new needed items such as coats, toys, shoes, tee shirts, thermal underwear, coats, and blankets. Bicycles and skateboards are raffled off to the children every half hour. Please contact Christy Ellis at 233-4064 ext. 209 if you are interested in participating in this experience. We need volunteers willing to donate gift bags and other needed new items and willing to volunteer in the dining room and gift room.
The trial of the trespassing cases of 5 Occupy Richmond participants is tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 2pm at the Manchester General District Courthouse, 920 Hull St. on Richmond's south side, 23224. Please attend to show your support and to bear public witness.


Nov 28 on DefendersLIVE: Richmond Free Press Editor Ray Boone Talks about his Special Guests - Occupy Richmond. Mondays on WRIR.org and 97.3 FM at Noon (and Tuesdays at noon online only)


We are not Indigenous People

We are the African Diaspora, migrants, exiles, captives and resistors, grown into a new people - settlers.  We can not be native to this continent even if born here.

How important is the truth? And how do we rise from our awful truths to do better, to make better truths? By learning. By changing our responses. By determining we will understand and remember a new goal for the development of civilizations: It's called Life. As we are coming to understand the significance of the STRUGGLE PROCESS in reclaiming Richmond's African Burial Ground, we should be identifying with like struggle processes around the world.

A connection I've just encountered is that of an online journal called INTERCONTINENTAL CRY. A link to this journal will be added to the links on the page "Interconnections" - see tab above. One of its most interesting features is a directory of Indigenous Peoples around the world and their perspectives on contemporary development. I heard a "progressive" person, someone participating in the Occupation Movement somewhere, say that "globalization" was the only way to save the world, and I cringed.  The globalization that I have seen has primarily been a contact sport of geopolitical encroachments by nations more economically and militarily powerful seeking to control the resources of less powerful nations. If you read just a handful of the Indigenous Peoples Directory entries, I think you'll begin to get a sense of what I'm talking .

I have just seen a film that has - can you believe it?? - just introduced me to the history of the overthrow of Hawai'i. This is important to understand on its own, but also in the context of the rest of the US' expansionist foreign policy which includes its criminal conquests of Cuba, Philippines, Haiti, Guam among other nations. How can we discuss reconciliation without truth and justice in the US? How can we discuss justice without the will to face the legacies of the truth, what was done 100 years ago has given birth to the irreparable dynamics of today.  So how, precisely, do we move forward together?


CSPAN3 airs ASALH Annual Convention's Saturday Luncheon-African American Burial Grounds: Sacred Space Reclaimed, Panel Session (featuring Michael Blakey, Shawn Utsey, Edna Medford, Ana Edwards) over the Thanksgiving holiday
Nov 24 at 3pm & 11pm
Nov 25 at 7am
Nov 27 at 1am & 2pm

FILM: "Until the Well Runs Dry" 2nd screening at the Main Branch Richmond Public Library, 101 E. Franklin St., Friday Dec. 2nd at 6:30 pm.


Today on DefendersLIVE: Interview with Ed Ayres, UR president, Future of RIchmond's Past chair, 19th Century Guy on public radio's Back Story - discussing the Sesquecentennial and other things. Live on WRIR.org and 97.3 FM at Noon


Wednesday, November 9th at 7 p.m. for the premiere of "All Night, All Day", a short documentary about the period of time between OccupyRichmond's march to Kanawha Plaza and the raid on their camp at 1 a.m. on Halloween morning. Created by Kontra. Gallery 5 is located at 200 W. Marshall Street, Richmond VA, 23220. Afterwards the group plans to re-occupy Richmond by occupying Monroe Park.
ALWAYS FREE - the African American Studies Community Course, Wednesdays at Richmond Public Library, 6:30-8:30 pm. Tonight: Franz Fanon and Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Decolonizing the African Mind: Practical Approaches to Solving Problems of Psychological Oppression
featuring Mark Bolden, Ph.D. Psychologist, Denver Public Schools and Private Consultant, Loyola Marymount University