Trial Date: May 25 at 10 am

Court Watch and Support for 
the 4 arrested for Defending 
our African Burial Ground!
Manchester Courthouse, 10th & Hull St. Road


VCU Parking Lot Closed for 1.5 Hours

"For the record, we've closed the parking lot today. And we want it to stay closed." This was the unequivocal declaration of Richmond African Burial Ground Community Organizing Committee member Rolandah Cleopattrah on Tuesday morning, April 12, when she and 7 other community advocates succeeded in shutting down the VCU parking lot that continues to desecrate Richmond's African Burial Ground! For an hour and a half no cars were allowed to park on this sacred site. Now we appeal to you to support the right to defend the Burial Ground by attending the trial of the four who were arrested, scheduled for 10 am, Wednesday, May 25, at Richmond General District Court, 920 Hull St., Richmond, VA 23224.

News Coverage:
"Four arrested for blocking VCU parking lot" 4/13/11
     More from the Times-Dispatch


Singing Oro Egun

Message from Sis Maat Free: "Singing oro egun is the very first thing you do when opening up a bembe/tambor (drum circle with the sacred bata drums). After you sing the whole set of songs for the ancestors - the song is like 7 minutes long - listen to the calls and sing the responses. ana this is a lovely time. we ought to enjoy every minute of it and celebrate!"